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thinkpad 385XD APM

We've got some thinkpad people around, so maybe someone can help me with

I USED to be using debian, but about a week ago I switched back to slackware
(library upgrade problems with glib and glibc eventually made me go crazy).
So I apolagize about this question.  :-)

When I used to be running debian, I was able to close the lid of the laptop
and the laptop gracefully dropped into suspend mode.  With slackware, the
machine will do it, but something doesn't quite work right coming back out.
I'm running kernal 2.4.4 and a bleeding edge glibc, but the APM packages are
all standard.  I have a sneaking suspicion debian does some nice background
configuration work for me.  :-)

Incidentally, it's not X, which I thought was the original culprit.  It also
dies when running console only, framebuffer or not.  I have a feeling it's
something I'm not setting up correctly with my kernel or a problem with the
2.4.4 kernel itself.

Any insight or nice APM config scripts (if there is such a thing) from
Debian would be appriciated.

Josh Knarr

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