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Wireless Access on Thinkpad T23

I am running Debian 3.0 with kernel 2.4.16 on a
ThinkPad T23. It has a built-in wireless
capability--through a "mini-combo" PCI card. (It is
*not* a PCMCIA card.) The wireless network adapter is
a "IBM High Rate Wireless LAN MiniPCI Combo Card." It
is made by Actiontec Electronics, Inc--it appears to
have a PRISM chipset. 

Reading through various wireless websites and
Wireless-HOWTO, I think that the driver/module for
this adapter is either "Hermes" or "Orinoco".
Amazingly, both are available as kernel modules. I
have succesfully been able to modprobe both, but that
is as far as I get. I am stuck. I am not sure what to
do next. Looking throug dmesg, it appears that the
kernel recognizes the presence of the PCI card, but it
does not automatically assign it to eth1 like it does
eth0 with the Ethernet card. Moreover, I am unable to
use the ifconfig or ifup commands.

Any suggestions would be most helpful. 

Bryan Daniels

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