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Re: dual boot on a Dell Latitude C810?

From: "David Z Maze" <dmaze@debian.org>
> I believe they have a custom Dell BIOS, which is shared between the
> Inspiron and Latitude lines.  Recent 2.4.x kernels include a driver to
> access the fan and temperature state in the BIOS; the i8kutils package
> in unstable might be useful to you.

I had hoped this might work for my i2500, but the i8k module won't install.
insmod gives the oh-so-helpful "No such device" error.  Any idea _what_
device?  Perhaps /proc/i8k.  Any ideas how I could work around this?  I'm
suspecting it won't help much anyway, since i8kutils seems to require
/proc/apm too, and any attempt to do anything with apm on the 2500

One of these days I'm going to have to learn how to debug these things....


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