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Re: Why Linux on a Laptop?

> On Fri, Nov 30, 2001 at 03:39:20AM -0500, Alec wrote:
> > 
> > I'm wondering what everyone's motivation is for using Linux on a laptop
> > instead of Cygwin + Windows.
> Because Windows doesn't have any of the utilities I need.  I use vi, C, php,
> postgres, apache, make, bash, X, latex, mpg123 (etc. etc. etc.) for my day to
> day work and none of them are available on Windows.
Nonsense.  The only one I think is missing is actually postgres.  Saying MSwin
doesn't have mp3 support is ... let's not go there.  One "duh" point for you.

> > The way I see it, a laptop is basically a giant PDA.
> That depends on the way you look at.  I don't think of writing a 1000 line C
> program on a PDA.
I do know people who do this, but PDAs and laptops serve different people.
To make an analogy to airline service, PDAs work best for people whose minds 
only need "a light carry on" - enough to make do, whilst laptops better serve 
those who want their luggage with them.

Not everyone is willing to carry the physical luggage that allows them to
bring their mental luggage along.  Such people use desktops and have more
desperate needs to find a solid net connection at the other end.  Or have
to plan their life around not having their stuff 'til they get back to the 

> > People usually use them for typing down stuff during classes, seminars,
> > conferences, in the library,
> Typing down stuff is rather OS independent.

> > for presenting (powerpoint) material,
> I do much more impressive presentations with display, animate, mpeg_play and
> bash.
All of which, I'll add, can be easily called from inside Magicpoint.  Just
because an app is free does not mean "fails to be glitzy".

> > or for keeping all their mail and personal archives in one place, etc.
> Agreed.  Again the same question.  Where does the OS come in?
>> Laptops don't get used much as servers or development workstations, are they?
> Well, when it comes to develope web servers, I like to run a "miniature" copy
> on my Laptop.
Okay, we have lots of counts of "do my web development offline"

> And of course, the mind is very relaxing when doing development on a very
> comfortable position with a laptop.

Yeah, I did kinda forget the needs-no-wires aspect.  Most laptoppers care
more about wireless as in not-tied-to-desk than whether or not they can hit
the net that way... but this is changing, and Linux speaks lots of wireless.

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