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/etc/pcmcia/config for 2.4.xx in-kernel pcmcia

On Wed, Nov 28, 2001 at 11:35:52AM -0500, Ilia Lobsanov wrote:
> I have a custom kernel 2.4.13 with xircom_cb module, and the latest
> pcmcia-cs on sid.
> The problem is that /etc/pcmcia/config doesn't define xircom_cb. So I had to
> define this manually and change the binding from tulip_cb to xircom_cb.
> Is there another way I'm supposed to make this work?

I've had the same issue with my orinoco and 3c5??? cards. Getting them working
was a piece of cake, but it was more work than I think it should have been.
Debian has spoiled me.

Let's try and help get this fixed.

What needs to be done? 

My guess is that we need a new /etc/pcmcia/config for 2.4.xx with in-kernel
pcmcia. A bunch of the names of the cards have changed. 

But I bet someone out there has a "correct" /etc/pcmcia/config for 2.4.

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