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Re: APM unusable since 2.4.10

On Mon, 5 Nov 2001, Michael Robinson wrote:

> My Dell i5000e is a *most times* 2.4.9 APM deal too.  Most of the time it
> doesn't lock up suspending, and most of the time it doesn't lock up
> resuming.  I've figured out that any sort of interrupts during key
> phases of the suspend/resume cycle are bad news.  So it's basically sync,
> suspend, cross fingers and don't breathe; resume, cross fingers and don't
> breathe.
> 	-Michael Robinson

Have you set the following config option:


  Normally we disable external interrupts while we are making calls to
  the APM BIOS as a measure to lessen the effects of a badly behaving
  BIOS implementation.  The BIOS should reenable interrupts if it
  needs to.  Unfortunately, some BIOSes do not -- especially those in
  many of the newer IBM Thinkpads.  If you experience hangs when you
  suspend, try setting this to Y.  Otherwise, say N.

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