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Re: APM unusable since 2.4.10

On Sun, 4 Nov 2001 20:59, Enrico Zini wrote:
> I have a Mitac 7521 laptop, which is a SIS630 chipset with a Phoenix BIOS
> and some interesting hardware around.
> Until kernel 2.4.9 included I was able to suspend to ram and to disk with
> APM and to have my system back most of the times, and I was almost happy
> with that.  Since kernel 2.4.10, when APM kicks in for anything (even just
> for turning off the LCD display), the system gets badly hung and I have to
> switch it off the hard way (i.e. holding down the power button for >4
> seconds).

For what it's worth 2.4.1[023] have all worked well for suspend on my 
Thinkpad (currently can't do hibernation on this Thinkpad because I have lost 
the PS2.EXE).

I had a problem with 2.4.12 initially when I accidentally compiled the kernel 
as SMP and it broke APM terribly (almost everything caused a hang).

2.4.12 broke suspend on a friend's VAIO but 2.4.13 is working well for him 

This is all using stock kernels from ftp.kernel.org, not Debian kernels.

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