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x-window-manager link


I'm wondering if someone could help me with configuring my Debian 2.2.2r3 
laptop to use KDE desktop....   When first installed, I chose 'twm' as my 
default window manager.   Once I knew that X was configured and running well, 
I put a KDE source in my sources list and used deselect to install KDE 2.1.2.

I now can access the KDE apps and even start the KDE desktop, but only with 
menu selection via 'twm's menu.

I've gotten a clue from another message on this list about the 
'update-alternatives' facilities, but this was a message from someone that 
switched back and forth from gnome and KDE.

In the /usr/bin/x-window-manager is a link pointing to 
/etc/alternatives/x-window-manager file, which in turn is a link to 

I would like to be able to start the KDE desktop from the command line with 
the 'startx' command.

Any help would be appreciated.  Thanks!

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