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Re: I am stuck: X on a Compaq Armada M300 (ATI Rage Lt Pro)

> Dear HdV,
> I've upgraded to woody on my armada E500 but installed it as potato. X ran 
> fine on it. It has the same graphic cards so it must work on your system too.
> No screens found means the total of the xserver is not installed. try 
> xserver-xfree86 or something. You'r almost there...
> Suc6 Richarc

No, that is NOT what "no screens found" means.

"no screens found" means...
	when initialization was done and the first X client was about to
	launch, there's no display available to talk to.

It *usually* means all your modelines were out of spec (even the "default"
ones that X makes up for VESA compliance) or some other illegal combination
led to no screens being safe to use.

'Twas said there were a lot of (II) messages.  Some of them may have been
details about the monitor?  Deletion of bad modes should be (WW) messages.
But autodetected capabilities would be (II) ... 

A glance at the attached config (to the message ahead of this one) doesn't
look out of the ordinary, but I don't have access to that model.  So now
I'm curious about the actual messages.
	startx 2> startx.damage.report

(okay, okay, usually folks use .X.err, or something like, but this would
be a friendlier attachment)

* Heather Stern * star@ many places...

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