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my $HOME went to /home/lost+found/ Why???

I have been running Debian unstable for over a few months on a SONY PCG-SR5K
without any problems.

Recently, after shutting down my laptop in class, I booted up and all the inodes got messed up under my $HOME. After running fsck  /dev/hda9 and holding down the Y key until end, all my user data on the ext2 filestystm was to be moved to /home/lost+found.  Luckily, I didn't loose any data. But, this gave me a scare.

I am wondering what may have caused this corruption?

How I shutdown--:
I shutdown the laptop with /sbin/init 0, which I feel is equivalent to a halt.
This may not be the safest way. Is there a better way to shutdown ?
I have started using shutdown -h.

Other Harddrive management programs:
I recently started using /sbin/hdparm -y -S 1 /dev/hda to save on power and limit harddrive spinning. 

Am I doing something wrong here?

OS settings:
	Debian testing/unstable
	Kernel 2.4.10-pre10	
	hdparm v3.9
        fsck version 1.22	
        apm enabled

GNU PGP public key
Ted Knab

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