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Re: how to make a serial-console linkup?

I've already done the following:
- compiled kernel with console on serial-device
- added append= line to lilo.conf wiht console=38400,/dev/ttyS0
- connected cable

The format for the lilo.conf entry should be console=device,options


thanx, but don't forget the quote around it or lilo will complain.
I had the fortmat correct, it's just the client-side setup that keeps me
busy now.

I generally use minicom on the client. Create a file called minirc.ttyS0 (assuming you're client is connecting from ttS0) with this info:


pr port             /dev/ttyS0
pu baudrate         38400
pu minit
pu mreset
pu mhangup


and put it in /etc (or /etc/minicom/ depending on the version you're using). Then launch minicom like this

minicom ttyS0

it should connect with the appropriate values for youf lilo on the target machine. Also, don't forget to add the appropriate getty entry in /etc/inittab so you can get a serial login once the system is booted

T0:23:respawn:/sbin/getty -L ttyS0 38400 vt100

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