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RE: SiS900 Ethernet Problems

Replies interspersed below (damn Outlook!)

# -----Original Message-----
# From: Heather [mailto:star@betelgeuse.starshine.org]
# I usually do this by creating a directory named "disabled" under the
# relevant runlevel, and moving the symlink in there.

Good idea!

# Warning: updating the relevant package will put the stupid link back.
# Much better: add into your /etc/network/interfaces, in the stanza for
# 	this interface --
# 		noauto

Thanks, you've added to my Debian armamentarium!

# If you want to make custom runlevels, I *deeply* recommend 
# that you make up runlevels 7, 8, or 9 and use them.  
# Our init supports these because it's easier to honor 
# all the digits than ignore 3 of them.  Our scripts don't
# automagically put cruft in them during package updates -- I 
# think.  Some might.  It's still easier to keep track of 
# your own that way.
# The "2 without network" "3 is normal multiuser" "4 for X support" 
# "5 is most GUI-ful" layout for sysvinit predates Linux 
# itself.  In those setups, you actually progressed *through* 
# the runlevels, not *to* a specific one.
# * Heather Stern * star@ many places...

You are indeed a star of the first magnitude, Heather.

Question:  I didn't realize that Debian and RedHat were different
in this regard.  Where can I find the best description of the
following items:

o	Debian init process 
o	All those little auto-config apps (e.g. update-modules),
	the input files they use, and the output files they affect
o	The files tromped on by apt-upgrades




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