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Re: fetchmail, mutt, masqmail

> Hi,
> due to your hints to a similar question (thanks) two weeks ago I am now able to send myself (root) a mail - but fetching mails form my ISP does not work.
> I am using fetchmail, mutt as MUA and finally as MTA (I tried many) masqmail.
> My data:
> * hostname: boneless
> * local mailaddress: root@boneless
> * command: fetchmail -v -S boneless
> * error message after "... reading message 1 of 2 (25915 octets)":
> - SMTP connect to boneless failed
> - This message is in MIME format. Since your mail reader does not understand.
> Due to a similar problem in another mailing-list the answer should be 
> "the MTA is not listening while fetchmail tries to contact it" - but 
> masqmail is running (and hopefully listening) on my PC.

Masqmail is for *sending* mail... when it can tell, by way of the script 
fragments you give it, that the connection is live.

(Yes, normal MTAs both send and receive mail, but masqmail is designed to
queue your outbound mails for a later push, and sometimes-disconnected systems
should NOT be an MX record on the open internet.)

fetchmail is for *fetching* mail ... but without some sort of wrapper 
script, it does not have any way to tell when the connection is live.

My advice would be to have a script that gets used when you bring the link
up, which puts fetchmail into daemon mode (so it auto fetches).  And a matching
script that gives fetchmail the quit signal when the interface is being torn

Since you have copied both -users and -laptops I cannot tell if this would be
in the regular ifup/ifdown sequence (builtin ethernet) or it would be in
the insert/eject sequence under pcmcia 

For PC Card/Cardbus, see /etc/pcmcia/network.opts - the original has an 
example "empty" command that gets run on establish and another for teardown.
Make sure the "return;" part stays in there, and your life will be much 

> Thanks in advance for any help
> Dieter

Best of luck

* Heather Stern * star@ many places...  in this case debian-laptops

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