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Re: Wireless Networking

On Tue, 10 Jul 2001, Paul Vanovertveld wrote:

> I build my own accesspoint with an Embedded PC and two Elsa Airlancer MC-11
> (WEP128), one for the Accesspoint the other for my laptop.The Accesspoint
> runs Potato r3, not even the kernel had to be rebuild. The Elsa Card is
> actually a Lucent Orinoco Gold.

i've decided to jump on the wireless bandwagon, and have decided to do
essentially what you're doing.  i have a few questions about your

with a build your own access point, are you able to talk to more than one
wireless card at a time?

does your access point dole out the IP #s and do NAT?

i actually intend to have 1 box be the firewall and access point:

[To borrow Vivek's drawing]
(fuzzy blue anomaly)---[c'modem]----[firewall]----*hub*--machine
                                        +-wireless_card  ...  laptop

it sounds like your setup was pretty straight forward.  any catches to
watch out for?  i'll be using D-Link DWL-650 and DWL-500 (500=650+PCI to
PCMCIA converter).


Dr. Craig T. Milling
Dept. of Physics, Univ. of Illinois
Phone: 217/333-1930

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