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install problems

Hi all, I want to reinstall debian on my toshiba portege
3440 CT. Now this is a linux only machine with USB floppy
and PCMCIA CDROM. I still have a working installation but I
don't trust it 100% Maybe there is something with the
harddisk or I did something wrong with the filesystem.
Anyway, for debian to install you need 2 floppy's, but after
the first one the 2nd won't work because USB isn't
supported. Booting from CDROM doesn't work for some reason
(Freecom 24x CDROM any suggestions?) 

So, is there a "magic"  line I can type after the "boot:"
prompt when I booted from the rescue disk? I do have a
partition wich will not be used for the installation so I
can put the base.tgz, drivers.tgz and root.bin there. 


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