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Re: PCMCIA configuration under 2.4.x

mercoledì 06 giugno 2001, alle 12:46, CM ha scritto:
: On Wednesday 06 June 2001 08:44, Steve Dobson wrote:
: > Hi Debian laptop users
: >
: > Sorry to bother you with what I am sure will turn out to be a stupid
: > mistake on my part, but I have been unable to find any help in either the
: > Debian bug database or on the web.
: I too am experiencing the same problems, Steve. Hopefully, someone has solved 
: this problem already. I have searched through docs and tried just about every 
: module but cant get it to work either. If you do fix the problem I'd really 
: appreciate a quick heads up on how you got it working. : )
: Thanks for your time,
: CM
Hi all, 
	I solved all my problems using old pcmcia-cs modules. During
kernel configuration I left pccard unchecked. After kernel compilation
and installation I configured, compiled and installed pcmcia-cs modules
and everythink is going well.


Stefano Canepa e-mail: stefanocanepa@iol.it
Via Coni Zugna 4/4 - 16164 - Genova 

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