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Re: Laptop suggestions

i went here...


and followed the instructions in the package.  which amounts to running 3
scripts.  now to get  pppconfig to not complain...

cd /dev
rm ttyS3
ln -s ttyLTO ttyS3

then it doesn't complain, and you can tell it your modem is there, for
some reason it barfs at seeing /dev/ttyLTO.  but i kept /dev/modem
pointing to ttyLTO.

there's a bunch of kernel modules you have to load, so i just made a
script that loads all my ppp and lt modem drivers when i want them.

Forrest English

"When we have nothing left to give
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On Wed, 6 Jun 2001, Bud Rogers wrote:

> On Wednesday 06 June 2001 11:26, Forrest English wrote:
> > i've used a thinkpad 600, 365XD and currently a 240.  the 240 is the best
> > of the bunch, and can be had on ebay for less than $700 (if you're
> > looking for an ultalight)
> >
> > the windmodem in the 240 was even easy to get working (considering i'd
> > never used a modem under linux before in 2 years of using it).	and the
> > soundcard is supported in the kernel (a lot of laptops cards work very
> > poorly under the OSS drivers).
> I have a 240 also.  I'd be interested to know what you had to do to get the 
> modem working.  So far I haven't needed mine, but you never know.
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