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Re: netenv and a fqdn

> > > A lot of my mail gets bounced back with since my machine doesn't have a
> > > fqdn (mail looks like its from rsifox@ . Netenv has a DOMAIN= setting,
> > > but this doesn't seem to affect
> > > # hostname --fqdn
> > > rsifox
> > >
> > > how do I get it to represent my fully qualified domain name at work?

I should read in more detail... I replied as to how one sets an fqdn...
for email, you *might* want to investigate /etc/email-addresses if
you're using exim. It was added in the 3.12-1 package... if it is not on
stable (and you run stable) I can extract the necessary part of my
exim.conf file. It basically allows you to specify

username: email@address

for rewriting. So if user "username" sends an email his address will be
set to "email@address". This does require setting up on a per-user
basis, but it allows you to have compeletly different email addresses
for each user.

Hugo van der Merwe

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