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Re: my dell runs

> Hi all!
> First: IT WORKS!!!!!!!!!!! CAN YOU BELIEVE THIS????????
> The simple solution was: I had no window manager installed 8-()

While X doesn't actually need a window manager to work (you can just put
clients in ~/.xinitrc) maybe we could use a meta-wm package that would
help people pick one or more, than fetch those packages.

> Further I had to disable gpm mouse service otherwise I couldn't use
> the mouse under X.
Yeah, that happens to some people, desktoppers and laptoppers alike.
I've been doing this stuff for years and still haven't figured out 
what makes a system like or hate gpm.

> I compiled a new 2.4.4 kernel with PCMCIA token ring suport and it
> hang at init time. I unpluged the card rebooted and after login
> I pluged in the card -> it works now.

Hmm.  Does it hang during resume, too?  (you might need to tweak the 
PCMCIA portion of the apm config scripts so it has some delay before 
turning cards back on)

> Maybe I can give more experiences to this list, if I find out more.
> gr. matthias

* Heather Stern * star@ many places...

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