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hi! just a quick question...

i have a vaio myself (pcg-sr1k) and basically i am very happy with it
HOWEVER i did end up with a console the size of a stamp in the middle of
the screen! i've been trying to solve that awhile ago, but couldn't come
up with anything and basically i more or less got used to it (the
start-up routine looks cool even, hehe).

if this isn't anything *permanent* and there in fact is a way to get it
back to normal i would really appreciate if you could let me know!



On 09 May 2001 07:36:12 -0700, Francois BOTTIN wrote:
> --- "J.R. Blain" <cowboy@clockmedia.com> wrote:
> > We are looking at purchasing a few laptops for the office, and are
> > considering Sony VAIO's.  Does anyone have any experience with them
> > running debian?  Potential problems?  Suggestions on models/addons?
> > 
> I bought a VAIO 807 a few months ago (PIII 650/500 speedstep, 64MB RAM
> updated to 192, 12GB hard drive, 14.1' 1024x768x16 display, DVD player...)
> The only problem I have with it is the Windows 2K Pro licence, and I
> havn't received my money back yet (Sony France doesn't seem to hear my
> complaints) :-(
> I did not test the internal modem nor the i-link port (firewire) since I
> have no use of them. The rest is running perfectly well with Debian 2.2
> (revisions 0, 2 and 3 tested) and Alsa 0.5.10 for the sound card (it's a
> Yamaha YMF744, Alsa module is ymfpci). The USB ports are supported (tested
> with a Logitech optical mouse and MS SS80 sound card).
> The display is really comfortable and it scales itself automagically to
> use the whole surface whichever the resolution is. Then you don't end up
> with a console the size of a stamp in the center of the screen.
> If you choose this model, I suggest you extend the RAM size. 64MB is
> really too short and it makes a real difference while playing a DVD. Also
> do not forget to disable the "PNP OS" BIOS feature if you want to use the
> sound card...
> You can contact me directly for further info.
>     Francois.
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