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Re: Travelmate mic feedback

On Sat, 5 May 2001, Christopher M. Kelty wrote:
> Does anyone have experience with microphone feedback on a laptop?
> I'm using 2.2.r3 with 2.4.0 on a Travelmate 732TLV.  I'm using the
> essolo1.o and the sound.o modules.  If I use any mixer (like gmix) I
> can mute the microphone, but when I reboot the settings are lost and
> I am reminded of this fact by a very loud high pitched noise at
> bootup :)
> does anyone know a way to keep the mic muted?
when you reboot are you actually using the sound system?  I had very
similar problems with ALSA and unfortunately the problem always occurs in
my lecture theatre when I fire up my laptop to copy down notes.  Hmmmm 200
people looking at you is kinda embarassing :)

The way to solve the problem was to make sure the machine actually cleanly
shutdown.  With ALSA there is an option to kill all the programs using it
just before the modules are unloaded and the mixer settings are saved to
disk.  If you don't plan to use ALSA (which if you don't on a laptop you
need a damn good reason, mainly as it supports *properly* suspend/resume
cycles) make sure you have killed all the programs that are using the
sound card, not just the MP3 playing ones but also the mixer setting
programs (gmix in your case).

That should work, one word for yer though....ALSA :)


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