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Re: apmd_proxy and ac power WAS: suspend/Thinkpad A20p/Woody/apmd_proxy

On Mon, Apr 30, 2001 at 01:41:33AM +0100, Vivek Dasmohapatra wrote:
> On Sun, 29 Apr 2001, Lee Bradshaw wrote:
>> I'm inclined to think the current scripts are buggy. Locking the
>> machine is not good.
> I agree - the ac_power check should be delegated to the scripts in the
> event.d directory - after all, the suspend is _going_ to happen anyway, 
> apmd_proxy can't stop that, so it should simply pass this info on to each
> sub-script.

I got the impression that the exit 1 would prevent the suspend from
happening if the kernel had the correct apm support. That's the only
reason I can see for not calling the scripts to suspend linux

I'm not sure if this is my bad interpretation or someone else's. If
there's a specific kernel feature needed to cause the suspend to not
happen it should be documented in the script - or better yet, tested for
in the script.

>> The script does say kernel support must be enabled, but what does that
>> mean? Is there some way to ask the kernel if it has the required
> I think it just means that apm support should be available, either
> compiled in or in a loaded module. I don't think it really matters if
> there is no APM support, since the kernel won't resopnd to APM signals
> from the hardware, which therefore won't proceed with the suspension. [1]
> [Except maybe for critical suspends, but you're in dangerous territory by 
> then anyway]
>> support? I think it would be much better to query the running kernel
>> for this support than to lock the machine if it's not present.
>> I'm probably going to file a bug on this if there's not one already
>> there. But I was hoping someone on the list might be able to propose a
>> good solution.
> It _should_ be sufficient to check for the existence of, and possibly
> parse the contents of, /proc/apm. 
> PS: section 4 - isn't that the section of the metal health act that you
> can be, well, sectioned under? Or is this a reference to something else?
> [just curious]

Actually I really like kayaking Section IV of the Chattooga River. I'll
put a picture on my website once I get my wife to scan the negative.

> [1] Unless I've misunderstood completely how APM works.

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Texas Instruments            bradshaw@ti.com

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