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Re: Query on CF cards..

On Mon, Apr 09, 2001 at 11:17:24AM +0000, anup neelanath wrote:
> Hi,
> 	Let me intoduce myself first. I am Anup from India. I am looking in the net 
> for buying a digital camera - one with compact flash card. I got ur mail 
> address from one of the replies u had given for a query on compact flash 
> card. I hope u will be able to answer my query..

 This is a mailing list for the Debian GNU/Linux operating system.  (see
www.debian.org).  Your question doesn't depend on windoze software, so I
know the answer, but this isn't really the right mailing list for it.

> 	I have a desktop PC - windows, and no USB port. The cameras now adays come 
> with USB cables. I saw that the CF card is IDE compatible. Does it mean that 
> I can directly connect the CF card to the IDE interface (as if connecting a 
> HD), or do I need to have some interface to connect it to the IDE cable.
 You can't connect it to an IDE cable.  You need a PCMCIA adapter.

> 	I understand that if I buy a PCMCIA adaptor for CF card I can use it in the 
> PCMCIA slot of a laptop and in that case also will I see the CF card as a 
> Hard disk?

 Yup, my friend's camera works that way.  When you put the card in a pcmcia
slot, it shows up as an IDE device with a normal FAT filesystem.  It was
/dev/hde, IIRC.  (Actually, it might have been a RAM card with a battery,
not a flash card.)

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