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Re: HP Pavillion n5270

I've gotten a HP Pavilion XH215 working.  I think they're similiar.
I have an Accton EN2242 ethernet (tulip based) and a
ESS Allegro Modem (non-operational win-modem) in mine.  The sound will
supposedly work, but I haven't gotten around to installing the alsa
drivers yet.

The video was a S2 Savage IX Mobile and it worked fine.
I'm running Debian 2.2r2 with the latest updates.

I had to do some tweaking the ethernet working.  The tulip driver just
needed the mfr. ID added to various tables in the tulip.c file.

Feel free to mail me if the hardware matches and if you have any

--- Bill Shui <wshui@mail.usyd.edu.au> wrote:
> Has anyone got this model working under debian?
> I'm not sure about the mini-pci modem/ethernet
> and the sound.
> are they supported?
> Bill
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