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Re: Help: Dell Inspiron 5000e X-Windows

> Dear friends,
> Can you help me bring up X-Windows on my Dell Inspiron 5000e notebook?
> I've been using GNU/Linux for almost two years, but this is my first 
> experience of installing it on a notebook.  I could not set up 
> X-windows.  When X-windows setup program (XF86Setup in potato or 
> Xconfigurator in RedHat) attmepted to start the X server, it halted the 
> machine. 
> Besides, Debian GNU/Linux automatically starts the X server at boot time 
> also gave me a headache.
take the symlink for xdm, kdm, gdm (any of these) out of your runlevel 2
area (/etc/rc2.d/).  I like to create a disabled directory under there
and move them in - makes them easy to "activate" by moving them up a level
again, and the word "disabled" doesn't start with an S or a K and confuse

> I'm not sure whether it's due to keyboard, mouse, card or monitor 
> settings. 
> Below is information about the hardware:
> Keyboard:         Inspiron 87 keys (standard 101/102 or Microsoft 
> natural on Microsoft)
> Monitor:          14.1' XGA            (standard monitor on Microsoft)
> Card:                 ATI Rage Mobility-128 2x AGP

Hmm, this is a pretty close relation to the Compal30W XF86Config file
I posted.  (That may have been for a Rage Mobility P/M instead of 128 tho)
It was only in the last couple of weeks so I'm certain it's in the archive
and in February sometime.  

I have entries in there for SVGA server (runs several video modes, no
great speed thrill) and Mach64 server (runx 1024x768 by excellent, but 
hangs on any attempt to give it other pixel resolutions).

> Mouse:              Synaptics PS/2 TouchPads
> Could anybody tell me what settings should these be on Debian potato and 
> which server to run?
> Thanks in advance!

Let us know if that does it for you.

* Heather Stern * star@ many places...

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