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Re: Layout Question

* Tom Allison <tallison@phoenixdsl.com> [010227 19:07]:
> I'm trying to install the 2.2.18 kernel into a Debian install.
> I'm not using the Deb binaries for a couple reasons, but I got into a jam..

To compile your own kernel, try the "kernel-package" package. In this
way you build kernel debian packages you can install/remove with dpkg.

> I'm used to Slackware.  If you want to change it, you edit the file
> directly.  Debian doesn't seem to do that very well.  Lots of warnings
> about not changing files..
> According the my previous experience with slackware my /etc/modules.conf
> file should consist of something like:
> alias cs46xx sound
> alias eepro100 eth0

About the Debian way to manage modules, it's a good idea to look at


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