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Problems with IrDA of my Libretto 110!

Deal all:

    I've tried to enable my IrDA of my TOSHIBA Libretto 110 for months,
but still missing something so the primary goal still can't be achieved,

I'd like to "sync" with my Palm PDA, but only with IrDA device.

    The kernel has detected the the IrDA chip and registered, here is
messages for "dmesg" :

IrDA (tm) Protocols for Linux-2.2 (Dag Brattli)
ToshOboe: Found 701 chip at 0xffe0 irq 11
IrDA: Registered device irda0
ToshOboe: Using single tasks, version $Id: toshoboe.c,v 1.91 1999/06/29

    So, .. Anyone can tell me the procedure that what should I do (to
sync with my
PDA is priority, then it's better can be communicated with my mobile

    Anyone can give me the brief answers, or, tell me where to find the
case witch came from the debian users experiences, I'll be so

Net Shu
Feb. 28 2001

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