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Re: Anybody installed on HP Pavilion XH215?

On Mon, Feb 26, 2001 at 10:18:17PM -0800, Alan Chen wrote:
> Unfortunately, CostCo has great prices, but pretty much puts their merchandise
> in warehouses, with stacked cardboard boxes.  They're really good about
> selecting high-quality stuff in general though.  I'll probably think about it
> for a while to see if HP rolls out some info on their website.  I'll probably
> buy it anyway. :)  
No, it's not brand new, and I wouldn't hold my breath waiting for HP to put
any info on their website.  The model is no longer being manufatured, and
as such, HP themselves are not selling it, so they actually took what
little info about the machine they did have off their website.  

I bought a pavilion N3310 last summer.  HP has one, that's right ONE owners
manual for all Pavilion notebooks.  Inside the front cover it says "You can 
find technical information on the internet. Visit our support site at
www.hp.com/notebook."  Read those two lines again.  No one will argue that
you can find technical information on the internet.  No one will argue that
HP has a notebook support site at www.hp.com/notebook.  But I, and probably
other HP users, will tell you that those two sentences have very little to
do with eachother.  Just look at the kind of info they have for their current
models.  I hardly consider that technical info.  Take for example the n5240.
All they say is "Intel Celeron 700 Mhz 128 MB 8X(max) DVD-ROM 10.0 GB 13.3-
inch TFT XGA 56k modem built-in Lithium ion battery".  

And I think they charge big $$ for real person tech support.

Also, the modem won't work.  Not even in Windows.  There's a hardware, or most
likely software, [it IS a winmodem], bug that made them stop working on Feb 21.

And there's also a BIOS update (already).  If you're still interested,
here's the URL for the XH215:
Notice there's two l's there, while they spell it 'pavilion'.  Makes me
wonder how much thought went into the whole thing.

I can't say I've had any real problems with my pavilion.  Probably a good
thing, because using a "unsupported" OS voids the warranty.


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