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Re: Anybody installed on HP Pavilion XH215?

The model seems very similiar to their N5000 series in general.  The XH215
specs are:
PIII 750
194MB RAM (not one of the more common RAM demoninations)
13.3" screen
20G HD
PCMCIA slots of some sort
Sound of some sort

Unfortunately, CostCo has great prices, but pretty much puts their merchandise
in warehouses, with stacked cardboard boxes.  They're really good about
selecting high-quality stuff in general though.  I'll probably think about it
for a while to see if HP rolls out some info on their website.  I'll probably
buy it anyway. :)  

--- "John R. Sheets" <dusk@ravendusk.org> wrote:
> On Feb 26, 2001, Alan Chen <aero6dof@yahoo.com> wrote:
>  <<Removed>>
> Nope, haven't heard of it.  Is it brand new?  What does it have in it?
> I'm running Debian woody on my Pavilion N5195 laptop, and for the most
> part it works pretty well.  I haven't gotten APM working yet, nor the
> middle scrollbutton below the trackpad.  You could look up the N5195
> on hp.com, and if it's similar, I could give you some pointers.  You
> might be able to get some hardware stats from CostCo too.
> Otherwise, I've heard that HP is going to roll out a bunch of new
> stuff on its linux.hp.com website in the next month or so (just second
> hand info, so don't quote me on that).
> John

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