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Re: X on a Fujitsu Lifebook 420D (fwd)

> Okay, 
> I found elsewhere and ran apt-get install x-core something...
> It worked, I've got X running (crappy colors, but whatever) now I'm
> experiencing the 1" offset everyone talks about.  
> I tried to set the vga=770 in lilo.conf but nothing happens, and I get an
> error:

Try 771 instead (it has worked for me, though dif't model)
It won't affect your offsets in X at all though!  You'll want to run 
xvidtune to move things around a bit.

> You passed an undefined mode number 
> press <retur> to see available vidoe modes, <space> to continue, or wait
> 30 sec...
> I've tried both options.  With return I'm presented with a list of
> available modes, I'm half way through the list; I'll let you all know if
> I find one that works.
> --Raf

Best of luck

* Heather Stern * star@ many places...

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