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Driver i82365.o causes hang at shutdown


Does anyone have an idea why loading the i82365.o driver from
pcmcia-cs would cause my HP N5195 laptop (running Woody and a slightly
modified kernel) to hang at powerdown?  Fortunately, it gets past
unmounting, so it's more of a hassle than a problem (though it does
make reboots equivlent to a halt/restart).

This is enough to recreate it:

  <login as root>
  $ insmod i82365
  $ rmmod i82365
  $ reboot

If I don't load i82365, it reboots fine.  Could the driver be tweaking
something in the BIOS?  Or perhaps it's not letting go of something
when it removes itself...?

I compiled the pcmcia modules from source (with make-kpkg), against a
2.2.18 kernel.  Sorry, I haven't verified yet if PCMCIA is actually
working.  I'm just trying to get ready for the SMC wireless LAN stuff
I ordered.  FWIW, everything seems to be loading okay.  It's just the
system shutdown that's acting funny

  ii  pcmcia-cs      3.1.22-0.1pota PCMCIA Card Services for Linux.
  ii  pcmcia-source  3.1.22-0.1pota PCMCIA Card Services source.


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