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Re: X on a Fujitsu Lifebook 420D

> > 
> > Fatal server error:
> > could not open default font 'fixed'
> Some things to try:
> % dpkg -s xfonts-base
>   be sure this package is installed
> % grep misc /etc/X11/XF86Config
>   you need a font path like
>      FontPath   "/usr/lib/X11/fonts/misc"
> % ls -l /usr/lib/X11/fonts/misc
>   all the files in this path need to be world readable
> Anyway, try sending the startx output to a file with
>     startx >somefile 2>&1
> to find more information about what is happening.


Thanks,  I've managed to get X working since then.  I found somewhere that
I could run apt-get and reinstall the X packages.  Did that, it comes
up.  It came up in a small frame within a frame at first, but I switched
my XF86Config file to use VGA16 at 800x600.  Now I get the 1" offset
everyone talks about.  I've tried to have lilo.conf use vga=770 but it
then tells me that the setting is unspecified and offers me to continue
booting or insert another setting.  

I'm gonna keep trying.  

Thanks for your suggestions,  I'll make sure to save them...


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