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Re: lie to apt

On Thu, Feb 22, 2001 at 12:06:08AM -0600, Gordon Sadler wrote:

> 2. Probably the simpler solution for a package that exists in Debian
> but you wish to 'upgrade' to newer version:
> a. 
>    mkdir $package; cd $package; apt-get source $package
>    cp $newer_source .
>    cd $debian_version; uupdate -v$new_version-1
>    cd ../$new_debianized_version; debuild
> b. 
>    lynx/netscape/links packages.debian.org/$package
>    download $package$ver.diff.gz
>    mkdir $package; cd $package; mv $new_source $package$ver.diff.gz .
>    tar zxvf $new_source
>    tar zxvf debian $package$ver.diff.gz
>    cp -a debian/ $new_source_dir/
>    cd $new_source_dir; dch -v$new_verison-1
>    debuild
> a. will attempt to apply debianized diffs if they exist, you may have to 
>    search for *rej afterwards.
> b. will just yield the debian dir with rules, changelogs, etc
> It's all up to you, but very flexible. If you insist on stow and
> /usr/local, afraid I don't think that integrates well with dpkg and/or
> apt. Equivs is probably your answer if you stick with /usr/local. Of
> course, you can try 2nd method and modify debian/rules to install/use
> whatever directories you want as well... Flexibility.

First off, thanks!  I think I know what you mean, just last night I typed 
'rm -r var', I forgot I was in / and sued!  That's kind of why I'm playing 
around with adding local builds.  I don't have much to lose, and if I
trash apt, its just more practice in securing an install.  But getting back
to your message, what about packages like wmaker, or some of the libraries,
where you have $package, $package-dev, $other-package-with-totally-different-
name-and-version that all come from the same source?  Does debuild know
to make these packages?  If so, where is that information stored?

My idea of a package manager is CPAN, or the OpenBSD ports/pkg system. 
I know Debian has worked hard on the dpkg/apt system, but for my tastes,
it gets in the way just when it starts to get interresting.  I really 
like the apt-get update/upgrade thing but it would be enough to get a list
of what should be updated.  I realize, that by adding unofficial packages
to my system, I run the chance of losing that feature altogether.  That's
perfectly fine, I already get security-announce, and try to keep an ear out
for bugs/patches/holes.  What I don't want is to gey stuck playing with 
combinations of selected and deselected packages in dselect, just be able
to get somewhere other than the 'dependency problems' (probably not what it's
really called) screen.  I've gone through that one too many times.  Three
I believe, when I get a package or two from woody.  So I had a different
idea, well, adapted from OpenBSD, secure a small, tight base install, and add
packages from source.  

Anyway, I'm happy to report that I have added several libraries, run apt-get
update, and dselected a few programs dependent on those libraries, and all
is well.

I love Debian!


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