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Re: Progeny on Vaio Z505NR (aka Z600RE)

> Hello.
> I'm a newbie and took a giant leap into the unknown by "upgrading" my
> original Debian install to the Progeny distro (http://www.progeny.com). I
> will be starting my first compilation exercise to get the USB working, as
> well as the jog-dial. Has anyone on this list used Progeny, and have you any
> advice on what to watch out for?
> Thanks in advance,
> Aaron

USB working should be pretty painless - when you make your kernel, make all
the USB related modules, and they will only load when you need them.

(It's the making a kernel the first time that's less than simple.  I'm a 
*big* fan of make menuconfig.)

A thread went by here just last month about the jogdial.  One of the apps
available to make it work is a userland app;  check the archives on 
http://lists.debian.org  of the debian-laptops list for "jogdial" and it 
should come right up.

Neither of these, however, is a progeny related answer.

I have progeny going on a desktop machine, and other than needing to go
back and uninstall the "progeny-blahblah-task" packages before I could
mix and match most things, it was okay.  (I made it easy on myself; capt
is your friend.)

I've been extremely careful about gnome parts, as (under other environments
than progeny) they've been rather fragile.  Progeny's packaging of them 
appears to have been cool so far though.  I would *not* touch any other gnome
based debs at the same time.

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