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Re: hisax parameters needed!

> Be wanred though, form my experience isdn is a big pain in the ass to
> setup and maintain, be wanred for stainge things like connection getting
> asseblished and dropped again with no immediately apperent reasons.
> Then again, once it works, it does fine.

I have to agree;  I had an ISDN connection we were using as our heavy link,
and let's just say, I don't believe the pricing scheme encourages PacBell
to take very good care of ISDN lines.  We ended up setting up things so that
diald would be invoked if ISDN was flaky, so that a POTS connection could 
be established instead.  POTS was putzy, and waaaaaaah the latency to establish
the connection!  but at least it *worked*.  btw that was a pair of desktop
systems, whereas you will be one laptop, so you probably can't use scripts
the same way.  masqdialer might work very nicely though; it didn't exist when
I had this problem.

* Heather Stern * star@ many places...

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