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Re: Quick-access buttons on Toshiba 2775XDVD?

On Mon, Feb 19, 2001 at 07:11:26PM -0500, xsdg wrote:
> 3) How do I get suspend and standby to work correctly? After each
> reboot, the first time that I try to use standby mode, the hard
> drive spins down, the screen shuts off for a second, and then the
> screen turns back on. Whenever I try to suspend, the laptop suspends
> correctly (*gasp*), but when I wake the box up (using the shiny silver
> button under the logo, between the "Intel Inside" and "Designed
> for..." labels, on the shiny _black_ thing :o) everything works
> correctly except for the display, which doesn't turn back on. I have
> verified that the system is back to normal by playing an mp3 through
> mpg123, but the display fails to emit any light. Then, when I do a
> soft reboot (three-finger-salute or `init 6` or `shutdown -r now` or
> `reboot`), the Toshiba logo and all text thereafter appears warped
> (the right side and bottom are cut off, and the remaining graphics
> are stretched to fit the screen). I am only able to obtain normal
> functionality again by turning the laptop off, then on again.

If you're using X, try switching to text mode first (Ctrl-Alt-F1) and
then suspend. If the system resumes into text mode ok, then try
switching back to X.

If this procedure works ok, your bios suspend probably just can't
restore the graphics mode properly. Here's a script I use to automate
the process.


# change to vt1 when suspending to keep X from locking

# when running from this script,
# fgconsole seems to think the VT is 1 even if it's 7
#/usr/bin/fgconsole >/tmp/ttysuspend 2>&1

if [ "$1" = suspend ]; then
  chvt 1

if [ "$1" = resume ]; then
  chvt 7

Lee Bradshaw                 lee@sectionIV.com
Texas Instruments            bradshaw@ti.com

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