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Quick-access buttons on Toshiba 2775XDVD?

Hi.  I have a Toshiba 2775XDVD, and I've been able to get almost everything to work.  However, I have a few questions still:

1) How do I get events from the shiny silver keys directly above the floppy?  I have tried using xev, which doesn't register anything, hotkey(s), and one other program that I don't remember the name of.

2) How do I get the two small mouse buttons between the spacebar and the two long mouse buttons to work?

3) How do I get suspend and standby to work correctly?  After each reboot, the first time that I try to use standby mode, the hard drive spins down, the screen shuts off for a second, and then the screen turns back on.  Whenever I try to suspend, the laptop suspends correctly (*gasp*), but when I wake the box up (using the shiny silver button under the logo, between the "Intel Inside" and "Designed for..." labels, on the shiny _black_ thing :o) everything works correctly except for the display, which doesn't turn back on.  I have verified that the system is back to normal by playing an mp3 through mpg123, but the display fails to emit any light.  Then, when I do a soft reboot (three-finger-salute or `init 6` or `shutdown -r now` or `reboot`), the Toshiba logo and all text thereafter appears warped (the right side and bottom are cut off, and the remaining graphics are stretched to fit the screen).  I am only able to obtain normal functionality again by turning the laptop off, then on again.

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