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Re: HELP - Thinkpad380ED XF86config

On Monday 19 February 2001 07:09, Jan Hearthstone wrote:
>   I am very sorry for my being so challenged, - but I
> like the philosophy of Debian, and therefore I want to
> learn Debian rather than other distributions, or OS's.
>   What values do I put in xf86config for ThinkPad380ED
> (I have Debian2.2 - "potato")?
>   What books should someone like me (a complete
> tyro)read to start having some clues? (What's a
> kernel?, etc.)

I have configured some 380XD machines which are very similar to your machine.
I compiled a kernel with VESA frame-buffer support and put "vga=788" in 
/etc/lilo.conf and then configured X to use the frame-buffer device at 
800x600x16bpp.  The same method should work for you, it's easy to setup, and 
for most tasks it's as fast as any other X server.

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