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Re: Linksys Wireless

Thus spake Adam Shand (larry@spack.org):

> > I'm also planning on going wireless with 2 access points bridging
> > between 2 rooms on oposite sides of the house, and 2 laptops roaming
> > the house.
> you really shouldn't need two access points in the same house.  just make
> sure that the one access point you do buy supposts external antenna's.  i
> don't have any experience with it but you might want to check out the
> zoomair 4105, for about $250 you get an access point and an external
> antenna.

The idea is to bridge 2 server racks on diff sides of the house.  I dont
wanna put pcmcia adapters in every server on 1 rack.  I've got them a switch
on each rack, and the uplink ports connected and running a long cable.  I'd
rather plug the uplink into an accesspoint instead.

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