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Re: Linksys Wireless

> I'm also planning on going wireless with 2 access points bridging
> between 2 rooms on oposite sides of the house, and 2 laptops roaming
> the house.

you really shouldn't need two access points in the same house.  just make
sure that the one access point you do buy supposts external antenna's.  i
don't have any experience with it but you might want to check out the
zoomair 4105, for about $250 you get an access point and an external

> If this works out, I've got a client interested in going wireless.

if you're investigating wireless it might be worth checking for wireless
communities near where you live.  i'm part of a group in portland
(personaltelco.net) and there are other thriving groups like bawug (bay
area wireless users group) and seattlewireless.net.

all of these sites have lots of info on wireless and links to lots more.


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