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Re: experience with GERICOM

Martin Man wrote:
> Hi folks,
>         I'm about to buy a new laptop and I've found here a company called
> GERICOM, I think they're originaly from germany but they're selling in whole
> europe.
There are located in Linz, Austria.
>         My q. is whether any of You has any experience with their laptops,
> eps. with "weeboy" model, which seems to be quite good and not that expensive
> (in comparsion to thinkpads for ex.), I'm still student and therefore quite
> constrained with money, anyway I've requested them to provide me with detail
> hw info but experience from public is always welcome...
I own a Gericom Phantom and am very happy with it (I am writing this
mail on it). Nearly every piece of hardware in it (USB, IRDA, Lucent
WinModem, Network card, DVD drive, ...) runs under Debian (unstable)
with kernel 2.4.1. If I could just get it to connect to the Internet via
my Nokia 8210 ...... (does anybody know how to do this ? The device is
recognized by IRDA discovery, but accessing the ircomm port with minicom
just does nothing).

The notebook is pretty fast, has less than 2 kg, is only 2,5 cm thick
and lasts about 3:15 with one battery (you can connect a second
battery). Under Windows 2000 the floppy and DVD drives can be
hot-plugged, I am not sure if this works under Linux.

Gericom usually sells good hardware (I am buying quite some from them,
not only notebooks), but you have to be either *very* patient or very
annoying if it comes to support (I usually get my parts replaced or
repaired in reasonable timeframe, but I have enough experience handling
their support staff...).

So, if you are short on money and have enough time to wait for them,
there should be no problems. I would buy hardware intended for personal
use but would think twice when it is intended for corporate use.

best regards,

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