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getting more then 8bpp in X 4.0.2

Sorry for the repost, I forgot to put in a subject... :(


On Sun, 4 Feb 2001, Lyall Ward wrote:

> Hi,
> I have dell inspiron 3700 with an ATI Rage Mobility AGP 2x vid
> card(detects as being a Mach 64 LM). Running debian 2.2(potato) and XF86
> 4.0.2.
> I have successfully installed and configured X to run at 1024x768 8bit
> color using the ati driver. I have, however had this system running in
> 24bit color using XF86 3.3.6 and Mandrake 7.0-2 under the mach64 dirver.
> Currently if I try to run in 16 or 24 bit color. I get an error message
> that no Screen for 8bit has been defined and the x server crashes.
> I have included copies of my XF86Config and the output from the server
> when it starts successfully.
> Could you plese at least point me to what the limiting factor is for the
> color depth? I have noted the framebuffer is also set to 8bpp. Is this the
> prblem? How do I change it?
> Lyall.

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