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Debian & PCMCIA & My Crappy Laptop (tm)

This one is frustrating the hell out of me, and it seems like last time I got it to work I just got lucky or something, so I'm hoping one of you guys will actually know what I'm talking about and be able to help me get this going...
I downloaded the low-memory version of Debian onto floppies and
installed it onto my Crappy Laptop (tm) - a CompuAdd 486/25 with 4MB of ram. So I got the base image loaded fine.
Problem is, I can't get the PCMCIA port to work - during bootup, it gives me an error saying that the port is "Device or Resource busy," even if nothing's in it.
The pcmcia.conf file states that it should be set either to a tcic style or an i836214 (or something like that) style - I've tried both and have had the same problem both times (although I seem to remember tcic (the less popular one) being the one that worked.
What sucks is I have gotten it to work before after this same problem and I don't remember how. It is NOT a bad port, it has something to do with the configuration.
Anyone have any ideas I can try?
This thing might as well be a doorstop if I can't get a modem and/or NIC to work on it...

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