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FINAL Re: Modem not working in Linksys PCMCIA Ethernet + modem combo


I posted some months ago my trouble getting the Linksys Ethernet + modem
PCMCIA card (PCMLM56) to work under Linux. I heard from at least two people
that the modem works with serial_cs and from one that there is a winmodem
in that card. Linksys confirmed that they (now) put a Lucent winmodem in

This is how things ended up: After a long struggle with setserial,
pcmcia.options etc. I gave up on my card, returned it to the reseller
(MicroWarehouse) and (surprise!) got a refund based on "misleading
advertizing of Linux support". I will never now for sure what chip was in

In the meantime, I got the internal Lucent winmodem working using the
linmodems.org driver, so I'm happy!


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