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Re: does anyone have x working on a thinkpad 365XD?

> it's the 11.3 active matrix model.   i've found other people's configs
> online, but none of them seem to be helpful at all.  the best i've gotten
> is 640x480 with messed up colors and flickering that makes it impossible
> to read, much less look at.

It would be useful, if you give us informations of the graphic-card. I
got a Thinkpad 310D with a chips&tech 655xxx graphic card. X works quite
fine for me
> however, people apear to have gotten 800x600 8bit just fine.  do i NEED
> to use xfree 3.2 instead of 3.3.6 out of potato?

Yes I have 800x600 8bpp. I had to fiddle round with the XF86Config file
to get that. something with hsync i think.


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