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Re: Install problem from back pack cd

> I was able to loadlin the inall kernel from a back pack cd (parallel Port). 
> But once the install kernel was in charge, the cd-rom was not recognized. 
> I got swap and a hd partion but cannot get the base system. Where can I 
> find an install that recognizes parallel port cds?

It's not quite as fun, but you could spend about 10 or 11 floppies and install
Base from those, then use the running system to load the modules which will
allow access to the parallel CD. You probably need to push your way past the
initial configuration demands so that you only have Base configured, then
configure the apt system more carefully yourself via /etc/apt/sources.list.
You might have to edit the modutils control files as well, to add the parport,
parport_pc, and the protocol module specific to your Backpack.

I have to admit that I use a PCMCIA based CD attachment and it was much easier
than you describe.  I missed the chance to load the right drivers on one try,
but essentially, it only takes two or three floppies, and paying careful
attention.  I'd have to go back through a barebones install to see if there
were parallel drivers in i, though.

* Heather Stern * star@ many places...

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