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Re: A Challenge...

Hello Samuel,

I would install all the base floppies at the following FTP address:


I don't happen to have my potato CD handy, so I can't verify 
if these files exist on the official CD set.. 

On Sat, Dec 23, 2000 at 01:58:33AM -0500, Samuel Halperin wrote:
> I don't need anything fancy, but something that boots from the
> hard disk and lets me write text in something small like VI.. well
> that would be just perfect.  I can worry about network support
> and X and everything else later.


> The toshiba has a PCMCIA floppy drive which I will be installing
> from.  Again, I only really need a small text editor at this point,
> and a way to install a small kernel to the hard disk, since I don't
> want to take the floppy with me.
> Thanks for any help


Rob Helmer

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