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Re: PCMCIA time out after a 'dist-upgrade'

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> Hello,
> I installed debian 2.2 from an official CD set (it's
> the third time I use those CDs, and I never had any
> problems before). Everything worked, my pcmcia modem
> was correctly recognised and was working well.
> Yesterday i made a dist-upgrade with the security
> updates, and I installed the custom kernel and pcmcia
> modules I made and used previously.
> And now every time i insert my modem card (or my
> ethernet card, or my calluna HD) i have no beeps, and
> the following message: 'cs: socket 1 (or 0) timed out
> during reset'.
> I'm using the same configuration files as before (i
> re-installed debian because my HD crashed, so
> everything was working before the crash), so I don't
> understand what's going on !!
> Has anyone an idea ?

Possibly, the default timeout has been changed in the new
code.  I normally bump up the timeout explicitly (I have 
an ATAPI/IDE cord adapter that needs the time, if I want
to attach a decently large drive to it) as a parameter to
pcmcia_core.  You could try that.
> My modem card is still working under win98, so the
> PCMCIA controller is not broken.
> Thanx for any help
> Sebastien

Best of luck

* Heather Stern * star@ many places...

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