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RE: pcmcia custom installation

On 29-Aug-2000 Gary Hennigan wrote:
> I've got a newer PCMCIA card that's not supported under potato (pcmcia
> 3.1.8). It is supported under a later release of PCMCIA though. Is
> there a "Debian Way (TM)" to use the raw pcmcia-cs-3.1.xx.tar.gz?
> Perhaps something similar to the way you can use raw linux-*.tar.bz2
> kernel source with make-kpkg to build a nice Debian package?

apt-get install pcmcia-source-<version>

then mimic the layout for your downloaded source.

cd /usr/src/linux
make-kpkg modules_image # rebuild pcmcia, alsa, other modules
cd ..
dpkg -i foo.deb bar.deb ....

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