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Re: eth0: autonegotiation not working

On Tue, 8 Aug 2000, Guðmundur Erlingsson wrote:
> I'm trying to get a 3com card working (3c574), and the pcmcia-package finds
> it ok and loads the appropriate driver, but then comes this:
> eth0: found link beat
> eth0: link partner did not autonegotiate
> eth0: lost link beat
> eth0: autonegotiation restarted
> and so on, until it gives up. Does anyone know what's happenin'? I can't
> find anything about this in the docs nor on the internet.
the only autonegotiation I know of is when the ethernet card tries to work
out whether it is on a 10Mbps lan or a 100Mbps lan.  If I remember there
is a command that you can pass to the pcmcia ethernet driver that
"forces" a 10 or 100 speed connection.  What this is I do not know though,
search through the pcmcia source documentation, failing that deja or
google, or if you are really desperate the *actual* source code for the


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